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Senior Manager of Demand Gen

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This job description will cover: an overview of the company, department, job requirements, job responsibilities, and benefits along with the company purpose/mission/vision/values.

About ZOOM

ZOOM is a mid-sized company and has 1600+ customers and 300+ partners across 90+ countries. We sell 100% indirectly through channels and are known as one of several leaders in the WFO industry. Our software helps contact centers, back offices, and similar operations achieve new levels of compliance, quality, efficiency, effectiveness, revenue, profit, and satisfaction. Our vision incorporates customer experience management, data-driven smart apps, cloud native platforms, and contact center ops.

We are especially known for great call recording software as well as very high levels of customer and partner satisfaction. As a proof point, we’ve achieved an 84 NPS over the past two years, winning The Stevies and Golden Bridge awards in customer service. We have also hit a 20%+ CAGR for the past 3+ years.

Our largest customer-base is mid-market, but we also serve businesses under 50 agents as well as 5000+ agents—name brand customers include First Advantage Corporation, Rostelecom, Tire Rack, Euro Bank, Home Credit Indonesia, Alfabank Ukraine, HCA, Exelon, Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, Lego, and Saudi Aramco. We have customers in virtually every industry.

We are a metrics, revenues, and customer-satisfaction driven company who treats employees well. The company has an established brand and is quite profitable. It is entering a new phase in its product, sales, channel, and market strategy—where cloud-economics and customer-experience are first class citizens. For high-IQ, tech-savvy demand gen marketers, the product direction is well defined here.

About the Marketing Org and Demand Gen (“Revenue Contribution”) Role

The marketing department runs in an agile model. Our marketers must be revenue-minded, committed to excellent work, and highly motivated to produce measurable results. As an example of the team’s recent results, marketing-sourced pipeline grew 350%+ in 2017 (with measurable revenue contribution). Personal growth, team cohesion, collaboration, and continuous improvement are all hallmarks of the department along with the ZOOM purpose, mission, vision, and values towards the bottom of this page.

The demand gen role is expected to contribute across most marketing functions (see list below) in an integrated model and to work effectively with product management, sales, and channels teams. Specifically, the demand gen role will focus on: analyzing the results of lead gen programs/pipeline/ revenue, using the analysis to plan/budget/optimize programs, creating engagement content, driving qualified leads, and improving with each iteration. There will be a “special focus” for online demonstrations.

Here is what the marketing department is functionally responsible for today:

  • Business and Market Strategy 
  • Improving Metrics for Awareness, Engagement, Pipeline, and Revenue
  • Contributing new pipeline and revenue for quarterly and annual revenue bookings goals  
  • Research/Analysis of Market, Partners, Competitors, Customers, Analysts, Products
  • Planning, Budgeting, Organizing, Executing, and Measuring Marketing Effort
  • Messaging and Go to Market Positioning
  • Go-To Market Leadership and Management
  • Management of Marketing Ops Data/Systems
  • Various Internal Communications
  • Product Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Content Marketing & Marketing Comms
  • Customer Marketing and References Programs
  • Demo Request Funnel, Lead Management, and Inside Sales Support
  • Demand Generation & Webinars
  • Digital Advertising: PPC, Display, Social, etc.
  • Website and Marketing
  • Field Marketing
  • Channel Marketing
  • Public Relations, Speaking, and Awards
  • Analyst Relations Brand Management

Job Requirements—Describing Our Ideal Candidate:

  1. Has 5-8 total years of experience in the software industry. Has 2-4 years in contact center or CRM software, ideally in the WFO sector. Proven ability to credibly and successfully execute various marketing programs. Two years prior “demand gen” or similar experience is important. Must have worked in contact center software environments in a software-related role for some period. Should have solid understanding of customer-journey/experience, cloud, and/or current telephony models. MBA desired. Bachelor’s in related field desired.
  2. Is revenue focused and metrics driven with a tenacious drive for both personal, team, and org results. Has strong, personal desire to hit goals and deliver high customer/partner satisfaction. Is experienced in using and managing reports for sales force automation and marketing operations/analytics systems.
  3. Is an excellent writer (i.e. with absolute proof of solid writing) and an effective content developer for a wide variety of internal and external communications—no fluffy marketing jargon writers who don’t understand business or technical context of their writing.
  4. Has a proven track record of building effective relationships with executives, sales orgs, partners, customers, and vendors —this includes a well-balanced perspective of the content and communications that provide value and credibility to our “consumers.”
  5. Is very smart, but without an attitude problem. Unbiased researcher. Good decision-maker. Sound business acumen and judgement. Creative. Data-driven. Detailed analytical thinking. Excellent planning and organizational skills is a given. Self-leadership minded + mindful awareness of self. Team player, but highly achievement oriented. Works well with strong-willed leader—not in terms of “command and control compliance” but in terms of pushing you to improve and seize each day. Desire to continuously improve how they interact with others and build relationships.
  6. Is technically astute, with an ability to understand and communicate technical concepts. Able to communicate bi-directionally and effectively with ZOOM’s sales, sales engineering, and product management teams as well as customers and partners. Must also be able to discuss executive business metrics and tie them to processes, applications, data, and analytics.
  7. Has 2-3 years working with marketing operations and analytics systems such as Hubspot or Marketo and solid exposure to or similar CRM applications. Should have exposure to other types of inbound CRM apps such as chat, online video, and online demonstrations.
  8. Has an interdisciplinary mindset, both in and outside of the marketing department. Ability to work and communicate with other departments effectively (e.g. for driving pipeline and revenue) as well as lead marketing efforts within the department. It is also important to have some first hand experience helping sales to close revenue OR feeling what it is like to “be on the hook” for revenue.
  9. Has credible experience performing or being highly involved with 50%+ of the following PragmaticMarketing activities (and wants to see their craft improve while extending both experience and results): marketing plan (budgeting), market problems, positioning (messaging and writing), customer acquisition, program effectiveness, thought leadership, lead generation, referrals and references, collateral, sales tools, presentations, and demos (particularly online ones). Has adjacent or direct industry subject matter expertise and is highly motivated to build subject matter expertise and thought leadership over time.
  10. Is a go-getter and looking for an opportunity to grow and learn while contributing in a way that makes a difference. The company is small enough…that you will have a visible impact. The company is big enough...that you will avoid the perils of start-up cash flow issues. The timing is ripe for a big move in terms of product and company strategy—towards CX, cloud-native, smart apps, greater operational results, and chat-bots. The travel is likely no more than 4-6 weeks per year with some potential spikes.

Job Responsibilities (or Areas of Contribution):

  1. Growing their own (and the company’s) business and technical acumen in the sector—leading, listening, and sharing conversations/communications about products, customers, and the market. Providing excellent operational plans and budgets, then achieving high ROI and improving it.
  2. Leads all demand generation programs worldwide, which are considered an integrated marketing function. These can include any type of content or program that produces traffic, qualified leads, and revenue contribution. The focus will be: content marketing, email marketing, 3rd party media purchases, webinar marketing, website management (with attention to online demos), landing page conversion, lead management and measurement, and conversion/ROI analytics. Behaves with a healthy obsession of funnel and daily pursuit of metrics and outcomes. On the hook for delivering a certain number of qualified leads on a monthly basis.
  3. Writing and communicating product benefits, process best practices, and thought leadership for virtually any type of written communication—writing MUST be solid, not perfect in terms of grammar but excellent in terms of thinking, structure, and delivery (i.e. in a valuable, credible, digest-able, and talk-about-able manner). Providing strong, logical, form-follows-function input on graphics.
  4. Management of data for Hubspot pages, campaigns, contacts, lists, content, and reporting/analytics related to demand generation programs and well as leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities.
  5. Help contributing to operations of Google Analytics, online chat, SMS, online video, and other CRM or marketing applications.
  6. Participating in analytical, data-driven processes and measures that advance ZOOM product capabilities.
  7. Delivering customer case studies and managing customer references. Driving content marketing and improving product web pages while helping other members of the team with writing/edits—raising our content, conversational, and CX marketing game.
  8. Contributing to various Pragmatic Marketing activities and owning “several of the pragmatic boxes” (as stated above) with a focus on measurable pipeline and revenue contribution.
  9. Planning and budgeting with business outcomes in mind and measurement of results, including both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Curating and procuring content from vendors, analysts, and other 3rd parties.
  10. Generating market/buyer intelligence, messaging, positioning, and product communications—comprehensively covering the language of business and technical buyers and users in our sector.


  • Base Salary
  • Bonus based on Revenue Goals
  • 100% 401K Matching
  • 100% Coverage of Premium Medical Insurance
  • 4 Weeks Vacation/PTO
  • Cell phone and home internet (if remote) cost coverage 

Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values:

  • Purpose: We exist to create great customer experiences and serve the needs of others.
  • Vision (5+ Years): We aspire to become the world’s most loved, used and profitable provider of customer experience solutions.
  • Mission (1-2 Years): The mission of ZOOM is to be the WFO provider with the #1 ranking in customer satisfaction and loyalty according to our employees, customers, and partners.
  • Values (Behaviors We Strive For):
    • We believe we must deeply understand customers, partners, and employees to serve them well
    • We have a commit culture and pursue metrics-driven outcomes
    • We own our mistakes
    • We support open communications in multiple directions
    • We believe levity and fun is important
    • We desire continuous improvement
    • We assume positive intent in dealing with our fellow employees, customers, and partners
    • We have empathy for others
    • We believe gratitude is an important part of business and life and avoid taking things for granted
    • We want to be data-driven and mindful or our own bias in decision-making
    • We believe, as humans, we all have flaws and desire to help each other grow
    • We put people first and care about them in and outside the office
    • We put people in a position to succeed
    • We believe integrity, ethics, and trust are critical elements of business
    • We do what we say and say what we do
    • We believe people should work at ZOOM because it will be the best professional experience of their life


Hiring Manager: Adam Bloom, VP Marketing

Start Date: January 2018

Type: Full Time

Location: US – Preferred Nashville or Atlanta, then Any City / Home Based

Next Step: Send us your CV

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At ZOOM, we give contact centers of all sizes the tools to improve the customer and agent experience while addressing back office compliance and risk. That's why we've made it our mission to lead by example, and continually aim to improve our tools and set new challenges for ourselves.

Since 1999, ZOOM has held a world class track-record of customer satisfaction, scoring 82%+ with Net Promoters. Our customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies—Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, and Saudi Aramco.

ZOOM has solved some of the hardest call recording problems in the world, and the new ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine is the first of its kind.

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