ZOOM International Earns Net Promoter Score® of 86

ZOOM International Earns Net Promoter Score of 86


Workforce Optimization Technology Leader Launches ZOOM Customer Love Guarantee Program

Las Vegas (Call Center Week) – June 27, 2017 ZOOM International, a leader in workforce optimization and contact center software, today announced it has earned a Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) of 86 for the first half of 2017. This is up from 82 for 2016 and 77 for 2015. While the average NPS for B2B technology companies is 30, ZOOM’s world-class program has positioned the company as the leader in customer service within the contact center industry. In fact, ZOOM is the only vendor to achieve a perfect score for “Overall Vendor Satisfaction” in DMG Consulting’s Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report for the last three years. As a result of this unrelenting focus on creating the best customer experiences, the company has seen its customer base increase by 30 percent and its partner relationships grow by 21 percent since 2016.

“The contact center software industry, and workforce optimization in particular, is notorious for poor customer satisfaction,” said Brian Shore, CEO of ZOOM International. “This is shocking because we all sell software to improve the customer experience. ZOOM is dedicated to creating great customer experiences. Not only does the executive leader of each department spend time every day thinking about customer satisfaction, I personally respond to every piece of negative feedback and study every comment so that we can take action to improve. Because of this unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we’ve seen an increase in our renewals and reduction in customer churn.”

NPS measures customer experience and is a key indicator of business growth. Analysts from Bain and Company show that for most industries, NPS accounts for 20 to 60 percent of a company’s organic growth rate. On average, the leader in an industry has a NPS more than double its competitors. This proven metric provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs throughout the world.

For comparison, top consumer companies such as Apple and Costco topped the Satmetrix leaderboard with a 79 NPS. Recent research from Temkin Group on B2B technology companies placed industry leaders like IBM, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce.com at the top of charts, with NPS near the 60 threshold.

ZOOM Introduces the Customer Love Guarantee

To help companies that are currently unhappy with the level of service from a different WFO provider, ZOOM today launched the Customer Love Guarantee program. The program provides a financially practical way for those companies to move to ZOOM where they are virtually guaranteed a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The cost for companies to change software providers typically includes licenses, professional services and maintenance. ZOOM is first offering a “like for like” license exchange. For example, if you have 250 licenses of a competitive product, ZOOM will give you 250 licenses for free. This can also include implementation and training at no charge. Annual maintenance costs would transfer from the current vendor to ZOOM. The offer delivers a low risk, financially sound way to start working with a vendor who will prioritize customer satisfaction.

“By switching to ZOOM, customers are guaranteed a much higher probability of being very satisfied - due to our high NPS and industry reputation,” said Shore. “As a customer and partner-centric company, we have the commitment to customer service that ensures customers will be more satisfied with us than any other WFO software vendor.”

Harvard Business School Giveaway at Call Center Week

ZOOM is exhibiting at Call Center Week (Booth #411) this week in Las Vegas, an event that attracts more than 2,000 customer care professionals. At the show, the company will host a giveaway to send one attendee to the Harvard Business School Executive Education course Achieving Breakthrough Service, worth over $10,000 and includes travel and accommodations. The course covers service strategy, design, culture, technology, transformation, alignment with customer needs, communications and innovation. To participate, Call Center Week attendees must visit ZOOM’s booth and provide their contact information to a company representative.

About ZOOM International

ZOOM International is a global workforce optimization (WFO) provider serving more than 1,600 customers and 350 partners in over 90 countries around the world. The company records calls and omnichannel communications while helping contact centers improve the customer and agent experience by capturing, analyzing, and improving the quality of all interactions, while addressing back office compliance and risk. ZOOM is the industry leader in customer satisfaction, earning a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82 for the past 18 months. Customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies, such as Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, LEGO, and Saudi Aramco. More information can be found at http://www.zoomint.com or on Twitter @zoomint.

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About ZOOM

At ZOOM, we give contact centers of all sizes the tools to improve the customer and agent experience while addressing back office compliance and risk. That's why we've made it our mission to lead by example, and continually aim to improve our tools and set new challenges for ourselves.

Since 1999, ZOOM has held a world class track-record of customer satisfaction, scoring 82%+ with Net Promoters. Our customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies—Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, and Saudi Aramco.

ZOOM has solved some of the hardest call recording problems in the world, and the new ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine is the first of its kind.

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