ZOOM International is now on Cisco SolutionsPlus

 The Cisco Ecosystem Gains a Unique World-Class WFO in the Contact Center Portfolio

For the first time, ZOOM is listed in the Cisco SolutionsPlus catalog. The industry-first catalog packaging will help the Cisco ecosystem drive value, compete, and win in three unique ways. First, ZOOM is a channel-only company—they do not compete with Cisco sales teams or partners “by going direct.” Second, ZOOM is known for “being easy to do business with” and has award winning services and support across 90+ countries. Third, a “make things simpler” approach gives Cisco a strong pricing advantage in the commercial market—it includes a subscription option and built-in maintenance line items to make it easy for sales teams to understand and communicate.

Brian Shore, CEO of ZOOM International, highlighted the announcement, “We are first and foremost a world-wide service company with a stated purpose to serve the needs of others: employees, partners and customers. Our goal is to exceed expectations with our products, services and especially our channel model. To date, we are one of very few companies in our space to deliver 100% channel loyalty and zero direct business. We have been fortunate to organically grow our joint Cisco and ZOOM customer base to over 1,500+ customers, 150,000+ Seats and share 361 world-wide channel partners in 90 Countries. Our partnership with Cisco will allow us to bring the most advanced omnichannel quality management solutions and customer search engine that enables our customers to easily identify the brilliance in their service practices while minimizing their challenging moments. Simply stated, ZOOM and Cisco are a powerful combination to reduce customer attrition and protect top line revenues.”

Not one penny of ZOOM revenue is from direct sales. As of Q2 2018, the customer sat score is an NPS of 88 for the trailing 365 days. Out of approximately 70 WFO vendors worldwide, the company is one of seven on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WEM this year. The company supports 1700+ customers and 350+ partners in 90+ countries. ZOOM’s customer experience solutions are powered by the ZOOM omnichannel search engine—a platform for capturing any type of customer interaction—from Salesforce.com emails to Intercom.com chats to Hubspot page views—and provides both BI tooling and text analysis that is truly unique in the industry. Demonstrations and additional detail can be requested at zoomint.com/demo.

With over 350 partners worldwide, ZOOM has extensive relationships with Cisco. The company also supports every major platform in Cisco’s portfolio—unified communications, customer care, conferencing, and collaboration endpoints as well as integrations with Broadsoft and mobile recording. The ZOOM architecture also supports other telephony platforms, which can help Cisco partners and sales reps win opportunities to consolidate telephony platforms and standardize on Cisco

ZOOM’s recent customer survey paints a picture for why companies pick ZOOM. Here are the top 5 reasons—ZOOM products fit customer needs (not too simple nor too complex), partners recommend ZOOM, high customer satisfaction provided by ZOOM, ZOOM is simple and straightforward, and reputation and referrals from other customers.

About ZOOM International - www.zoomint.com

ZOOM is a market leader in workforce optimization software. Across customer averages, ZOOM captures the customer experience 5+ billion times per year. The company has landed world-renown customer satisfaction awards and achieved an 88 net promoter score from 1700+ customers, and 300+ partners across 90+ countries. ZOOM helps contact centers improve the customer and agent experience—by capturing, analyzing, and improving the quality of omnichannel interactions—while addressing back office compliance. Customers range from sub-100 agent contact centers to enterprise brands like Amerigas, IBM, Homecredit, Finansbank, Tata Sky, Generali, Allianz, and Vodafone.

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Captures and improves the omnichannel customer experience across calls, emails, chats, surveys, and more. Covers more platforms: Cisco, Broadsoft, Genesys, AudioCodes(radios), Microsoft Skype for Business, and Amazon Connect.

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About ZOOM

At ZOOM, we give contact centers of all sizes the tools to improve the customer and agent experience while addressing back office compliance and risk. That's why we've made it our mission to lead by example, and continually aim to improve our tools and set new challenges for ourselves.

Since 1999, ZOOM has held a world class track-record of customer satisfaction, scoring 82%+ with Net Promoters. Our customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies—Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, and Saudi Aramco.

ZOOM has solved some of the hardest call recording problems in the world, and the new ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine is the first of its kind.

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