ZOOM Enters the Contact Center Business Intelligence Market

Simon Vostry Co-Founder & Board Member
January 25, 2016


We have some great news to share. Today we’re introducing a brand new product to bring business intelligence to contact centers ZOOM Performance Analytics. Compared to other products we launched in the past this offering is special for us in three ways. Let me share them with you.

One, it’s ZOOM’s first product designed from scratch for cloud-only deployment. We did this to take advantage of the best way to deliver a reliable, scalable and secure solution at an affordable price. While it’s tightly integrated with our on-premise product portfolio, we’re providing it as a hosted offering to greatly increase speed to market. One of the main driver is to be able to do in days what normally takes weeks or months.

Two, we dramatically shortened the innovation cycle. ZOOM Performance Analytics has new release every two weeks, so we’re constantly at work on enhancements. All you need is a web browser, and twice a month you automatically receive all the new features and updates waiting for you. 

And three, there are some great integrations with existing ZOOM products, such as speech analytics, which offer amazing analytical capabilities we haven’t seen anywhere else in the market. Plus everything is designed for the shortest implementation cycles possible. And the roadmap for 2016 is really packed – the next release will be delivered two weeks from today. 
You can read the full press release here. 

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, February 17, about Business Intelligence in contact centers and how ZOOM Performance Analytics is tearing down the walls that separate siloed systems.

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