Elevēo:  The Story of a WEM Software Platform Your Way

I joined ZOOM over two years ago,

eager to learn more about one of the best kept secrets in the contact center world. Customers and partners alike have been intimately aware of the fantastic suite of software ZOOM has offered for well over a decade. Those same partners and customers have also experienced ZOOM's obsession with serving the needs of others, the reputation for which is backed by a trailing 365-day NPS of 87.  I initially found that score a bit unbelievable, but after seeing the data and workflow surrounding the surveys, it was clear; NPS is part of ZOOM's DNA and drives so much of what we do (we'll leave that discussion to another blog post).

Upon arrival, I dove right in and found myself surrounded by a group of wonderfully talented human beings, the likes of which (I can honestly say) are quite rare to find. I quickly learned that ZOOM was a company deploying its solutions predominantly on-premise. Yes, on-premise! One of the tasks entrusted to me by our board of directors was to "future proof" ZOOM and create a flexible, extensible platform to power ZOOM customers and partners moving forward. We began that initiative by investigating the market, cloud offerings, trends in technology, best practices in engineering, and performed some deep introspection with our customers and partner base. One thing became abundantly clear; cloud is the future, but it is not just a place to host, it's a set of design patterns, technology, practices and processes for building, deploying, managing & maintaining software. The full definition of a cloud platform became the answer to the primary goal assigned to me: we needed to deliver one codebase, on one platform, which can be deployed anywhere.  Our customers and the market at large, want some features "in the cloud" and others on premise, just look at Amazon Outposts as a recent sign of things to come.

And so it began; our small software outfit with a shoestring budget (in contrast to others who share the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WEM with us) began a journey toward a native cloud platform. Our goal was to deliver a single platform to all of our customers in one codebase with all of the cloud benefits inside: scalability, reliability, elasticity, continuous integration, delivery, flexibility & extensibility. We also needed to fully embrace modern design principles and refactor our existing monolithic software architecture to microservices without adversely affecting our on-premise customer base.

We have to deliver this new platform without a dependency on unique PaaS and SaaS components of major cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft; to which many other WEM vendors in our space are beholden. Abstracting those components would make us fully portable, more customer friendly and allow ZOOM and its customers adaptability for the future. We also wanted to achieve abstraction with an iterative and incremental approach, so that existing customers would not be required to perform large painful upgrades to hardware and could inherit the amazing benefits with minimal impact.

Fast forward to today. ZOOM announced Elevēo (pronounced: eh·luh·vey·o) as the product brand name for our native cloud platform. Elevēo is not a new company name. It is simply ZOOM’s products elevated into a native cloud platform under a new brand. Like all things at ZOOM we chose a new name to help keep things simple for our customers. (Elevēo is the new platform and ZOOM is the existing one)

Our on-premise customers already enjoy some native cloud benefits added along this journey including Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus and Grafana, to name a few, as part of the release of ZOOM 6.4 in Q3 of 2018. These elements were introduced iteratively under the hood, literally invisible, but providing key functionality.  The ZOOM suite is aggressively migrating towards the new Elevēo platform and will soon merge completely into it. Our first full Elevēo platform-based offering is our brand-new workforce management software product: Elevēo WFM, built to simplify scheduling and forecasting.

Before Elevēo, ZOOM did not possess a proprietary WFM software product, nor a SaaS-based delivery option for existing products within our WFO/WFM suite. We made a conscious choice to release this portion of the Elevēo suite on Amazon Web Services as a proof point to the market that our native cloud platform is mature, flexible and fully portable. Elevēo WFM is wholly built on the design principles extolled in this article. In short order our premise customers will have access to the same features, pricing and functionality in Elevēo WFM (SaaS) on premise. Why? Our new platform is one codebase, one platform, deployable anywhere, and it is our future.

You can learn more about Elevēo WFM at www.eleveo.com, where we have details regarding our pending launch. The service officially kicks off in July and will offer a free, no-risk 30-day trial.

We look forward to serving you and helping you elevate every encounter.

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