Why we changed our tagline

ZOOM recently refreshed our tagline. 

 Our previous tagline (The Art & Science of the Contact Center) served us well and we will remember it fondly.  We continually strive forward and climb upward to elevate our software and services for our customers and for ourselves. Our decision was not entered into lightly, as modifying aspects of our brand could have the opposite of the desired effect.  We carefully weighed the potential risks against the rewards and decided to move forward.

You might ask yourself, “Why the need for a change?”.  The details below will illustrate some compelling reasons:

  1. We have come a long way over the last 19 years

 ZOOM began as a service oriented, small to mid-market call recording company. Since that time, we have added quality management, eLearning, search, performance + speech analytics, survey and workforce management. We have over 1900 customers in 90+ countries and over 350 partners worldwide.  We are privately held, profitable and have grown organically, taking no loans, debt or investors along the way.  As a result, we have been able to cultivate a culture of customer obsession like no other in our space.  Our industry leading NPS of 87 is backed by multiple service awards, and recognition by analysts such as Gartner and DMG.  Most importantly our customer relationships have led us to great success. We are no longer “just” a service and value option for call recording.  We are a commercial and enterprise level Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management vendor.  Our new tag line helps illustrate our commitment to creating positive customer encounters each and every time; from sales, to support, services, training, engineering, product, and marketing.  We’re all committed to a culture of serving the needs of others.

  1. We are a modern software company with modern architecture (microservices, cloud native), processes (Agile, DevOps, etc.), and cutting-edge features for our products.   

 We are always looking to innovate and push ourselves.  We have invested in enterprise level open source software for our native cloud platform, as well as for data storage, ETL and analytics. We are a fully agile company with dedicated product, development and DevOps teams.  Our brand should reflect how we leverage key technology solutions to elevate our internal processes, software and personnel.  In addition, our brand is driven by investments in the incredibly talented people in R&D: product, and engineering.  The tag line is a tribute to their efforts.

  1. Our brand promise for now and the future should be reflected in our tag line.

 The biggest differentiator for ZOOM lies in how we are able to help customers drive revenue growth and customer retention through a simple, purposeful platform.  Our platform is designed to start with the voice of the customer (which we refer to as the Emotion of the Customer), connect it to every encounter with your customers, link it to all of the disjointed operational data in the contact center and drive action to improve the bad and highlight the great. We do that with this thought in mind; people will forgive you for what you say, and they may forgive you for what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  Poor or substandard encounters with customers have a negative outcome on revenue growth and customer retention.  You don’t have to be a Harvard MBA or the CEO of a company to know that if your attrition is 5%, and your growth target is 15%, your actual target is 20%.  (Everyone knows it is less expensive to keep existing customers than to acquire new ones.)

 ZOOM gets it, and we want our customers to thrive. Our new tagline is Elevate Every Encounter.  To us, it perfectly summarizes our drive to elevate encounters internally, and our passion to help our customers elevate interactions with their customers.  Along with the new tagline, our look and feel will include mountains, climbing, positive emotions and carry a modern feel to represent where we are today, and where we are headed tomorrow.  

It is funny how difficult defining a single set of words to define a company can be, but for us this phrase fit like a tailored suit. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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At ZOOM, we give contact centers of all sizes the tools to improve the customer and agent experience while addressing back office compliance and risk. That's why we've made it our mission to lead by example, and continually aim to improve our tools and set new challenges for ourselves.

Since 1999, ZOOM has held a world class track-record of customer satisfaction, scoring 82%+ with Net Promoters. Our customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies—Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, and Saudi Aramco.

ZOOM has solved some of the hardest call recording problems in the world, and the new ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine is the first of its kind.

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