ZOOM is on a Journey to Native Cloud


ZOOM is on a mission to deliver a single native cloud WFO platform, deployable anywhere.  

Like many companies, we started with AWS Cloud.

Amazon's AWS Cloud is an excellent environment to gain experience with native cloud design principles.  ZOOM utilized AWS to help prove out our native cloud architecture patterns, technologies, implementations and processes. 

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We learned invaluable lessons in a friendly, easily accessible environment.  AWS flexibility allowed our engineers to quickly ramp up on new concepts and try out different virtual server configurations for our new stack.  The AWS platform provided many options for renting, configuring and deploying hardware, robust APIs and amazing supporting tools that accelerated our learning without breaking the bank.  (More on ZOOM's Native Cloud Strategy: Native Cloud Info) As with anything new, some of our concepts worked exactly as expected while others had "features" that were unexpected.  Regardless, AWS documentation and support helped us refactor our understanding and gain valuable knowledge to build a foundation and path forward to success.

Along the way ZOOM affirmed that AWS and, additionally, Amazon Connect would become a part of our long-term product strategy moving forward. Cloud environments have become a de-facto option for deploying WFO software for contact centers, and with Amazon Connect, AWS becomes even more attractive.  The incredible set of AWS platform services, flexible hardware pricing, and go to market strategy around building a world-class contact center with Amazon Connect all factored into ZOOM's decision to become a partner.  

Quickly after the completion of our proof of concept stage for our new stack, we began the process of becoming an AWS partner.   In short order, ZOOM deployed a performance analytics offer on AWS (ZOOM Performance Analytics, or ZPA for short) and announced an integration to our industry leading WFO platform for Amazon Connect, including a pay per minute (PPM) pricing option. (Click here to learn more about our Amazon Connect integration)

Our end goal is to leverage the infrastructure of public cloud providers, hosted data centers and on premise hardware to offer our commercial and enterprise market customers a single platform which can be deployed anywhere.  Imagine harnessing the business benefits of a native cloud platform: scalability, elasticity, security, reliability, hitless upgrades and an open API ecosystem without having to make a permanent commitment to an infrastructure platform or provider.  We are fairly certain that no other providers in our industry can make this claim.  It is a bold strategy, but our experience with AWS helped prove that ZOOM has what it takes to deliver.

The process of selecting the right WFO provider can be a difficult decision.  ZOOM gets it, and we are making it easier by providing flexible deployment options, adopting exceptional partners like Amazon and innovating within our space.  There is no crystal ball that lays out the future.  ZOOM is building a stack that makes technology decisions for a WFO customer easy.  If your business needs change, you are not tied to a provider or deployment platform.  Simply pivot and redeploy - our infrastructure configuration possibilities will fit your needs.

ZOOM is thankful for great partners, and customers, and we would love to have you join that elite group. 

About ZOOM
ZOOM helps customers align the contact center with strategic organization goals of increased revenue and decreased customer attrition.  Our software captures the true sentiment of customer experiences, providing a true north to guide contact centers in the analysis of people, processes, technologies and assets.  To date ZOOM has helped over 2200 customers and partners worldwide, ranging from sub-100 agent contact centers to brands like Amerigas, IBM, Homecredit, Finansbank, Tata Sky, Generali, Allianz, and Vodafone spanning 90 Countries.

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ZOOM is on a mission to deliver a native cloud WFO platform, deployable in any hosting environment. 

We started with AWS Cloud.


Captures and improves the omnichannel customer experience across calls, emails, chats, surveys, and more. Covers more platforms: Cisco, Broadsoft, Genesys, AudioCodes(radios), Microsoft Skype for Business, and Amazon Connect.

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At ZOOM, we give contact centers of all sizes the tools to improve the customer and agent experience while addressing back office compliance and risk. That's why we've made it our mission to lead by example, and continually aim to improve our tools and set new challenges for ourselves.

Since 1999, ZOOM has held a world class track-record of customer satisfaction, scoring 82%+ with Net Promoters. Our customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies—Finansbank, Cigna, Rostelecom, IBM, and Saudi Aramco.

ZOOM has solved some of the hardest call recording problems in the world, and the new ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine is the first of its kind.

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