Trends 2016: Call results are more important than talk time

Michał Chojnacki Sales Director Poland & Baltics
January 18, 2016

18012016-trends-2016Over the last few years, we have observed a change of generations. Born between 1980 and 2000 and brought up on new technology, millennials demand not only immediate access to information via self-service, e-mail or chat, but also quick responses from the contact center, by telephone or via social media.

For this reason, a company’s strategy should include both investments in omnichannel technologies that meet consumers’ expectations for information, as well as WFO solutions to improve effectiveness and optimize work in various customer contact channels.

But that is not all. Millennials appreciate talking to experienced company consultants who handle all topics proficiently. A team of well-trained call center agents can provide additional sales or upsell benefits to the company. Because what’s important is not how long a call lasts, but what results it brings.

Now most contact centers don’t have sufficient trainers or training courses to ensure the quality of calls. In such cases, they can benefit from technologies and solutions that offer e-learning. An example of this is ZOOM E-learning & Coaching – an effective tool for sharing  information and training courses among teams of agents and managers, as well as offering quizzes, and tracking knowledge development and gauging agents’ skills.

Trends in the contact center and customer service fields are always changing. Over the last few years the emphasis has been shifting from sales to customer service and retention, and this will certainly continue to be a major, if not the major trend for the foreseeable future. Getting customers’ opinions and responding quickly and appropriately has never been more important for companies than it is today.

And in order to stay competitive, companies must communicate in their customers’ preferred manner. Therefore, customer service channels need to adopt those technologies their customers prefer using. For this reason ZOOM is prioritizing research and development on two areas of customer service and quality – Speech Analytics and Voice of the Customer.

These approaches allow companies to not only gather huge quantities of data from many systems, but analyze and understand consumer trends  and deepen relationships. This is why the latest version of our solution, ZOOM Quality Management Suite 5.7, has been expanded with Video & Telepresence Recording – a module for the high quality recording of video conversation, with a video conversation storage and management functionality.


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