#TuesdayTip: 5 ways to save supervisor's time

save-supervisors-timeHow much time are you or your team leaders wasting on unproductive routines? Do you know – could you tell?

Even the best user-friendly tools can’t improve productivity if our formed habits prevent it. We get used to familiar routines, and before long the comfort zone gets very… comfortable. At that point we’re using tools to maintain current practices, not to innovate to better ones.

We’d like to offer you some tips on how to be more productive without a lot of extra work or stress. Sound good? How about freeing your time up for more team coaching, motivating, training and supporting?

Quality Management seeks to define and measure what’s “good’ or “bad” with agent-customer interactions. But calling something “good,” “average,” or “bad” is meaningless without objective, fair criteria to measure against. Quality Management gives you tools to first understand exactly what’s going on in your contact center, then use clear criteria to establish an objective standard for evaluating agents.

Smart managers and supervisors use QM not only to monitor and manage agent behavior, but coach them to improve their performance.

Here are five ways to save time for that:


Monitor calls from the Customer Interaction screen using Speech Tags.

Many supervisors try to track two Web interfaces at the same time – Call Recording to search, select and listen to calls, and Quality Management to evaluate selected interactions. To save time, try using just the Customer Interaction screen with not only your standard searching parameters, but also Speech Tags. You should be able to find calls preselected by the Speech Analytics engine to evaluate, thanks to the power of automation.


Use Interaction tagging when searching for call selection.

To more effectively search for relevant interactions, use Interaction Tagging. This lets managers or team leaders mark specific interactions with tags customizable for a variety of purposes, such as analysis, follow up, review, scoring, calibration, whatever you want – then share those tags with other users. You can even filter searches according to the presence or absence of interaction tags.


Use Quick Evaluation.

This was a suggestion from our end users. Instead of leaving the Customer Interaction page to create an evaluation, just select an interaction and click the “Evaluate” button to enact the evaluation creation process directly from the screen. The evaluation interaction will then be put at the top of the Evaluation List.


Use Templates.

Using evaluation templates saves a great deal of  time on multiple repeat evaluations, since they can be reused simply by changing the dates. So managers can create evaluations for the entire contact center at the beginning of each month in a couple minutes, just by changing the dates: Simply open your evaluation and load a template.



Now that evaluations can be done quickly, you have more time for training – and you can efficiently create training content right from the Quality Management tool. ZOOM E-learning helps you improve knowledge transfers across contact centers quickly, since the steps for creating training content are easy and similar to the evaluation process: Just create a specific questionnaire or quiz, and give your agent a link to the internal knowledge base. Done.


Now you have much more time to spend on inspiring and improving your agent teams, thanks to ZOOM Quality Management.




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