Three Steps to Pain-Free Contact Center Reporting

Kveta Vostra Director of Communication and Training
February 16, 2016


Since launching the ZOOM Performance Analytics in January, we’ve had a ton of customer questions. One of the most common is “Why should I use it in my contact center?”

Good question. Let’s look at three major pain points Performance Analytics solves:

“We spend too much time manually creating reports.”

Having the data available? Great. Spending hours and hours extracting, consolidating, importing and re-importing Excel sheets, reloading data into contingency tables just to produce a usable report? Not great.

Performance Analytics gives you robust reporting based on data uploaded daily from the contact center and other external sources such as CRM, Quality Management, Workforce Management or social media. You get both a rich set of built-in reports that you can easily customize, and the ability to create your own reports from scratch. Any report or dashboard can be exported to Excel, PDF, print or regularly-scheduled email.

Wouldn’t you like updated reports in your email, ready to print, first thing every morning?

“We measure everything, but it’s hard to see the big picture.”

You have the data, yes, but it’s so disconnected it’s hard to explore for connections. What Performance Analytics does is find and pull the important data from various systems, putting all the data sets together in a single, unified environment to show clearly the connections and relationships in the data, as well as among the data sources. ZOOM Performance Analytics helps you answer such key questions as:

  • I measure AHT and FCR, but how does this compare to CSAT and schedule adherence?

  • Which agents have the best sales results, and how can speech analytics determine the specific behavior that needs to be replicated?

  • How does my service level influence customer satisfaction?

  • What is the relationship between the FCR and NPS I’m receiving?

  • Is my collections department using the best techniques to maximize the number of clients who promise to pay?

Such a system is only as strong and useful as the number of data sources supported out of the box. Performance Analytics currently connects to over 60 sources, with many more to be added, as well as all ZOOM products.

“I hate the ‘How are we doing?’ question.”

Admit it: You’re rushing to get to your 8th floor office in the morning. Standing at the elevators is her – your boss. Suddenly it’s Fitness Day – eight flights of stairs, just to avoid the “So, how are we doing?” question.

With Performance Analytics you can take the elevator, since the data to answer “How are we doing?” is always with you on any device, smartphone or tablet, ready to show her the key numbers and trend directions – if she hasn’t already studied them on her smartphone over breakfast.

Ready to learn more with a live demo of ZOOM Performance Analytics? Join the webinar this Wednesday, February 17 for an actionable session where ZOOM CEO Simon Vostry shows how ZOOM Performance Analytics helps you see exactly what’s happening in your contact center to make informed decisions.

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