Heads up, your remote force grew overnight.

Imagine your entire team and organization shifting to a remote working environment over night?

Some organizations would find that daunting. We don't and neither should you.

Over the past 15 days, major companies have restricted employee travel and gatherings in person because of the coronavirus outbreak. Many teams had to learn how to and restructure entire teams from an on premises work environment to 100% remote and mobile team. There was is influx of training and not to mention system architectural demand. In this time the key focus are agility, compliance, and reliability. In the middle of this are contact centers.

With nearly 20 years’ experience supporting companies win with contact center management, ZOOM have come across some interesting customer challenges like these.

Here is how one of our customers tackled recent changes:

  1. Create a simple “Yes/No” Quiz and used it to share coaching notes. Since there is no upper limit to the instructions field, they typed them in there. The agents then use the questionnaire to confirm that they took the training.
  2. Share materials recorded and uploaded to YouTube by creating a quick quiz and copying and pasting the links into the instructions for agents to follow.
  3. Input useful information in a shared document, with 3 categories of Name, Name of Quiz, and link for easy knowledge sharing.

These are very creative steps to helping agents get set up for remote work using video on YouTube and ZOOM to push out and verify agents have completed the training.

If you have any questions about this or other tips please contact us at comm@zoomint.com or fill out the form below. 

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