Our Journey to Native Cloud - The Monitoring Suite

Native Cloud solutions enable improvements to resiliency, scalability, portability and agility, however fully containerized solutions with microservice architectures equate to more overall services and individual components to monitor.  In ideal environments, high availability software manages problems by moving traffic around them by restarting services, or spinning up new ones, which creates excellent up time statistics. The automation however may hide some recurring defects or design gaps. Logging will always be a source of information for errors, but even with tools to help decipher cause, a trended set of predefined metrics helps to make more informed architectural design decisions over the lifespan of any product. 

  Enter a best of breed enterprise level monitoring suite: In ZOOM’s case after much review and proof of concepts with several tools, we chose Prometheus as it is highly compatible with Kubernetes, open sourced, widely adopted with positive reviews and when coupled with Grafana provides excellent visualizations and reporting.  (Prometheus is a monitoring solution that gathers time-series based numerical data. It is an open-source project started at SoundCloud by ex-Googlers wanting to monitor a highly dynamic container environment. Google’s monitoring system, Borgmon served as inspiration for their work on Prometheus.) Prometheus with Grafana allow ZOOM to make more informed short (alerts) and long-term decisions around our Native Cloud architecture using live and historical data with alerting, dashboards, measures and reports. We can trend the performance of specific microservices, containers, or virtual machines with the raw data to dive into.  The visualizations help tell the story easily and re-enforce why design decisions should be made using real data. 

Fig. 1.0  - Grafana Visualization Sample:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.47.56 AM

  ZOOM’s product suite release in September of 2018 deployed Prometheus and Grafana within docker containers and orchestrated by Kubernetes. Our customers love the visualizations of Grafana, coupled with the alerting and comprehensive coverage for operational metrics. The available APIS for Prometheus allow for customers to use their existing operational analytics and visualization tools, and the native cloud architecture scales, performs well and allows for flexible hosting in any cloud or on premise. Be the hero for your IT department, contact center, marketing or sales teams by choosing a vendor with a true best of breed suite of WFO products and services with ZOOM International.

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