Why is ZOOM an NPS® Promoter?

Is your goal to hit contact center metrics?

Most companies buy into the belief that satisfied customers equal increased loyalty and revenue.  In the day to day operations of many contact centers, we focus on traditional operational metrics, such as service level, talk time and adherence.  We are accustomed to “staying in our lane” and managing to targets that are 100% under our control including customer satisfaction surveys that are solely focused on a specific contact center conversation – rather than the entire customer experience.

These are targets we feel comfortable with, and they are 100% in our control – but they are 100% operational targets that may or may not be contributing to our organization’s strategic revenue growth goals.  Think about this – you could meet budget, hit your service level goal, deliver great quality scores, and your customers may agree that the agent they spoke with today was very polite – while your organization delivers substandard products at uncompetitive prices, a poor service experience and your customers trash you on social media channels.  How are you helping your organization's revenue goals with your ”great” results?  This is where ZOOM's NPS® customer satisfaction surveys step in and help take your organization a step further.

The Net Promoter® program offers a simple and scientifically proven methodology to measure true customer sentiment that drives company revenue and growth. Created at Bain & Company almost 15 years ago and popularized in a 2003 Harvard Business Review article, Net Promoter® has been adopted by two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies. The ever growing list includes Charles Schwab, who credits the customer-focused methodology with turning around “a dying organization” and driving an unprecedented annual growth rate of +17.5

Our NPS® story at ZOOM is remarkably similar. In 2015, we kicked off a customer experience transformation powered by the Net Promoter® methodology for our customer-facing teams. The results were undeniable and made us believers, (“Promoters” to use NPS® lingo).  Today we are passing on our Net Promoter® experience and tools to our customers.  Now, you too can realize extraordinary results like ZOOM and so many other companies; Apple, USAA, Starbucks, Amazon, Salesforce, and Zappos have had by utilizing NPS® in their customer experience program.

Loyalty Rules

What is the lifetime value of a passionately loyal customer? 

The most loyal customers spend more money, reduce new customer acquisition costs through referrals, and cost less to serve. Net Promoter® is based on solid research that correlates a simple loyalty-based survey question with company growth and revenue. NPS Promoters are so convinced of the validity of the correlation, they freely share their research and annual public benchmarking data

NPS quote 2The research is clear: 

Leading NPS® scores correlate to customer loyalty, referrals, growth and revenue. The lifetime value of ardent Promoters can reach 6 to 14 times more than Detractors. Bank Promoters gave their primary banks almost 45% more in deposits, bought 25% more products, and provided 7 times as many positive referrals as Detractors.

One Simple Question, One Simple Measure: Net Promoter Score® 

While it’s nice to know if customers are satisfied, it’s even better to know their positive sentiments are correlated with loyalty and referrals. An alternative to traditional customer satisfaction measurement methods, Net Promoter’s power is in its simplicity and extensive research.

It all starts with a simple survey question:  

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 3.58.11 PM

Respondents are categorized into three groups:  

NPS Definition

The Net Promoter® Score(sm) – which simply subtracts Detractors from Promoters is calculated:  NPS Example

(46.57% Promoters) – (34.66% Detractors) 12 NPS 

As you can see from the calculation, NPS® can be as low as −100 (all Detractors) or as high as +100 (All Promoters). A positive NPS® is good and an NPS® of +50 is excellent.

NPS® is More than Just a Score

NPS Quote

While an excellent NPS score is aspirational, the real goal is meaningful change that positively impacts the customer experience and inspires and energizes customers. The survey is only the beginning.

A single follow up survey question – “Why?” – allows NPS® practitioners to gather meaningful feedback from Detractors, Passives and Promoters and to learn more about what delights customers (and what repels them). This valuable information feeds a closed loop process which empowers employees at every level of the organization to identify shortcomings they can fix, uncover patterns, and test new customer-centric approaches against the NPS® yardstick.

Enable your Contact Center into improve loyalty   

Your contact center is pivotal to loyalty and retention efforts. NPS® delivers a singular focus that inspires employees at every level to move the needle on your most important targets. 

Protect and grow contact center & company top line revenue

Most organizations, survive and thrive when contributing to company revenue. Net Promoter® research and word of mouth reveals when contact center employees are able to impact customer sentiment – maintain Promoters and convert Detractors and Passives – loyalty, growth and revenue follow.

Improve agent performance  

Imagine every coaching session, every decision focused on one question: How will this make our customers feel? Real time dashboards empower your agents to see how their minute-by-minute behaviors matter and self-correct on the next call.    

Raise the profile of the contact center 

Net Promoter® isn’t just a contact center metric, it’s a key indicator that helps drive behavior across the entire organization. As the primary hub for customer experience, implementing a Net Promoter® program ensures your contact center can measure & adjust their effectiveness in contributing to the top line.

The ZOOM Story  

The ZOOM Net Promoter® program is more than just another product we sell. From our front-line employees to our CEO, every company employee is focused on NPS® results and it shows. For over two yearsZOOM has consistently achieved an 80+ NPS® score, the highest of any WFO vendor in the industry. 

Our stellar NPS® score is only one part of the story. CEO Brian Shore champions a customer-focused culture from the highest level, every employee follows real-time NPS scores and comments, leaders convene weekly to take action, and negative feedback is immediately addressed. These actions not only improve our NPS® scores but convert our customers into passionate revenue and referral generating ZOOM Promoters.

As experienced champions of the Net Promoter® methodology, we’ve developed a set of tools and analytics to speed up your Net Promoter® program implementation:  Contact us to learn more.

Net Promoter®, Net Promoter System®, Net Promoter Score®, NPS® and the NPS®-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld, and Satmetrix Systems, Inc. 

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