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Amazing 18 Years

2017 Predictions & Resolutions: ZOOM 6.0 Launch + More!

It's all about customer journey and more news

Focus on employee satisfaction as a customer-facing KPI and more news

Friday Five: Weekly Review

Friday Five: Weekly Review

Friday Five: Weekly Review

Measuring the CX, Chatbots and Customer Journey.

Pleasing Customers, Gamification and Why Less Is Better.

Top Stories of the Week: Chatbot Revolution to Transform the Customer Experience and more

Top Stories of the Week: Five Ways to Keep Customers Loyal and more

Top Stories of the Week: Converting Disengaged to Engaged Customers and more

Top Stories of the Week: Two Little-Known Elements of Great Customer Service and more

Top Stories of the Week: The Value of Persistence and more

Top Stories of the Week: Rethinking Customer Analytics and more

Top Stories of the Week: Six Steps to Profitable Customer Loyalty Programs and more

8 Tips for Setting Up Screen Capture The Right Way

Top Stories of the Week: Elements of Good and Bad Customer Service and more

Top Stories of the Week: Why Customer Loyalty is So Important and more

Three Steps to Pain-Free Contact Center Reporting

Top stories of the Week: Four Steps to Fix Bad Customer Service and more

If you really can't live without Microsoft Excel

Top stories of the week: Data-Driven Decision Growing But Uneven

5 Steps to Collect Customer Feedback

5-4-3-2-1- ZOOM Tour Q1'16

Notes from the Cisco Partner Sales Summit in Lisbon

Top stories of the week: Shaping Customer Experiences with Business Intelligence

4 Reasons Why Call Center Agents Quit Their Jobs

7 Steps to Cisco Active Call Recording

ZOOM Enters the Contact Center Business Intelligence Market

Top Stories of the Week: Ten Strategies for Silos and more

Some Things Just Naturally Go Together

NPS Survey Responders – Prize Winners Announced

#TuesdayTip: 5 ways to save supervisor's time

Trends 2016: Call results are more important than talk time

Top Stories of the Week: Encouraging Negative Customer Feedback and more

How to Paddle in the Same Direction

#TuesdayTip: Three New Features You Need to Know About Speech Analytics

Attitude Is Everything

Top Stories of the Week: 2016’s Customer Experience Trends and more

Five Ways Video Technology Can Boost Productivity

Business Intelligence for Contact Centers

Top Stories of the Week: Using the Element of Surprise and more

Top Stories of the Week: Customer Care in 2016 and more

Version 5.7 Just Released!

Top Stories of the Week: Call Center Scheduling Magic and more

ZOOM featured for the 4th time in a row on Gartner Magic Quadrant

Top Stories of the Week: Mapping the New Customer Journey and more

Five ways workforce management pays for itself

Top Stories of the Week: Using Customer Surveys for Innovation and more

Auto Pause and Resume – Your Best Option for PCI DSS Compliance

Top Stories of the Week: Six Customer Service Crimes and more

Five Fundamentals of Successful Workforce Management

Friday Five: Six Customer Service Training Pillars and more

ZOOM Opens Doors to Sydney Office

Friday Five: Steps to Insane Customer Loyalty and more

Customer Service Writers You Should Read

Friday Five: Best Ways to Listen to Customers and more

Selecting the Right Speech Analytics

Friday Five: Emotionally Motivating Your Customers and more

Friday Five: Customer Service Secrets from Top CEOs and more

Friday Five: Half Of All Employees Clueless about Job and more

Eight Best Practices for A Successful Speech Analytics Project

ZOOM and Teleopti unite globally to boost Cisco contact center performance

Friday Five: Improving the Customer Experience Via Empathy and more

6 Critical Qualities in a Call Center Agent

Thousands Attend Customer Contact EXPO in London

Friday Five: Let Customers Design Their Own Experience and more

Seven Common Mistakes to Avoid in Speech Analytics

Friday Five: Using the Customer Effort Score and more

Showcasing Business Intelligence for contact centers at Customer Contact Expo London

Ensuring Every Customer’s Voice is Heard

Avoiding customer churn and building service excellence

ContactBabel Releases 2015 Report on the State of the US Contact Center Market

Customer Experience is Not Just Customer Service

Friday Five: Adaptability for Contact Center Leaders and more

Friday Five: Reduce Churn the Right Way and more

Friday Five: The Importance of Unified Customer Data and more

Speech Analytics and Customer Loyalty

Using Speech Analytics in Call Center Agent Training

Telephonic Signatures – A New Reality For Legal Verification

Friday Five: Internal Dysfunction Hurts Customer Experience and more

Friday Five: Six Strategies for a Better Customer Experience and more

Friday Five: Customer Service and the Internet of Things and More

Featured in Forbes

ZOOM Notches Contact Center Technology Award

Four Ways to Find Time for Contact Center Training

Friday Five: What Customers Want Digitally and More

ContactBabel Releases U.S. Contact Center Market Report for 2015

Friday Five: Stop Doing What 75% Of Customers Hate and more

Friday Five: The Four Senses of Customer Service and More

Friday Five: How Amazon Changed Customer Service and More

Five Tips To More Effective Evaluations

New features are available this summer with the release ZOOM Quality Management Suite 5.6

Friday Five: Steps to Customer Loyalty and More

Friday Five: Tracking Customer Engagement and More

Join us at Customer Contact Expo 2015 in London

Friday Five: Twitter As Customer Service Center and More

Friday Five: Customer Programs Done Right and More

Using Speech Analytics to Tame Big Data

ZOOM Notches TMC Speech Technology Award

Friday Five: Employee-Centricity as Customer Service and More

To the Ends of the Earth

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance with Speech Analytics

Friday Five: Three Steps to Customer Loyalty, Tracking KPIs, Customer Continuity and More

ZOOM sponsors 2015 Telemarketer of the Year

Six Reasons Why You Need Speech Analytics

Friday Five: Speech Analytics to Hit $614 Million, Dark Data, Coaching Data Analysts and More

What is Speech Analytics

MECC'15 Dubai – All You Need To Know About Call Centres in the Middle East

Friday Five: Pleasing Customers, Gamification and Why Less Is Better

Friday Five: How to take your customer care to the next level

5 New Books To Read If You Want To Understand Customers Better

Friday Five: 5 tips for providing outstanding customer experience

UC EXPO, London presence announces our UK expansion

Friday Five: Improve your customer care by listening

Friday Five: Exceptional customer service starts with trust

Friday Five: Obsessing about customer service

To Russia With Love, Mojitos and Contact Centers!

Ditching the spreadsheets – bringing a call center up-to-date

Friday Five: Engaging customers and agents alike

How Do You Deal With Customer Service Mistakes?

How to become a Pro in 5 days

Live chat – Is it right for your customer service program?

Friday Five: How to turn around your customer service

Friday Five: Saying "Yes" to great customer service

10 WFO trends in contact centers for 2015

Friday Five: Honesty in customer service

Anatomy of a successful call recording solution

Reducing Churn with Motivated Agents

5 Phenomenal TED talks you need to watch today

Friday Five: Focusing on contact centers

Friday Five: Everything comes back to customer service

Know the rules of call recording: PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more

Friday Five: All the right and wrong ways to provide customer service

The Friday Five: All about your customers

E-mail vs. chat vs. phone – the pros and cons for contact centers

The Friday Five: Asking the right customer care questions and more

The Friday Five: Highlights From the Week in Customer Care​

First class customer service & training courses in the heart of Europe

Technological innovations shape the customer journey

CEW London 2014

Cisco Connect Riyadh 2014

Customer Care Conference & Expo in Bucharest

Cisco Connect SEE 2014

Customer Experience World - Johannesburg

ZOOM at CCWF Moscow 2014

Can You Rely on Your First Contact Resolution Figures?

Speech Analytics for Lean Six Sigma projects

Automate your Quality Process with Speech Analytics

Agent Empathy, How on Earth Can You Measure That?