5 Steps to Collect Customer Feedback

Do you collect customer opinions? Do you ask them to fill in feedback forms?

If so, good news – the system can do it for you.

Let me introduce you to ZOOM Voice of The Customer. Customer Surveys are built-in Quality Management and help you to collect customer's opinion in less than 5 steps. It's simple like that. No papers or feedback forms, all automated at your fingertips. Just easy like that.

Quality Management is a convenient tool, and one reason is all the parts of the system have the same structure, such as the evaluation lists, training lists, customer surveys and so on. Even questionnaires for all types of activities have the same structure, which makes them highly user-friendly.

So after the service is delivered to the customer, they have the option to access an automatic survey, and by using DTMF code, answer some simple questions. There’s also an option for the customers to record their opinions and feedback. All customers surveys are attached to the call.

Here are the steps to making it work:

1. Create a user with a customer survey role.

Enter the phone number, which will be used by the system during the call transfer to the Cisco Customer Voice Portal. The User Customer Survey has to be active and uses a password, which is required for setting UCCX to use the IVR script.


2. Create a survey and remember the survey ID.

The Survey ID is a necessary field that must be set in the UCCX script for IVR. To find the Survey ID go to Questionnaires > Questionnaire Manager > Survey. Open the survey that you want to use in the UCCX script for IVR and get the Survey ID or Questionnaire ID.


3. Enable advanced search.

Configuring the lookup task setup is vital for linking surveys with the correct customer calls. Surveys are linked by attaching the Quality Management global identifiers (synchronization IDs or SIDs) to those of the interactive voice response. This linking is automated.

Go to Settings > Configuration > Quality Management > Post Call Surveys > EvalCall Lookup Task Setup. The search parameters must be set to include Advanced Search external data columns. Post-call surveys report calls specific item key JTAPI_CISCO_GLOBAL_CALL_ID. This specific column must be added to the Search Configuration page to allow searching of calls using only the attached data, otherwise Quality Management can't locate calls and connect them to the survey responses in the Call Recording database.

To set this up, go to Settings > Configuration > Web UI > Search.

4. Download the script.

Finally, the Quality Management IVR script must be uploaded to the IVR before being configured in UCCX to enable the IVR to work with surveys and do the following:

  • Obtain the Survey ID from Quality Management.

  • Obtain the media files from Quality Management.

  • Play the questions (media files) for the caller and collect responses.

  • Submit the results as a new evaluation in Quality Management.

To download the IVR script go to Settings > Configuration > User Setup > Plugins > Quality Management Scripts in the Call Recording web UI.


5. Configure IVR script in UCCX.

Now to use the script, go to the UCCX Application Manager the script can be configured according to your business needs. Select the script and click SurveyID, QuestionnaireRepeat, SCServer, Comment MaxLenSCUser,SCPassword and SCTimeout and don’t forget to Update.

Note that no https can be used with this feature.


ZOOM International is proud to note two of our customers currently using Voice of the Customers on their networks, Meraas UAE and Rostelecom Russia.

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